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Update Sun14June Jungle Queen #6

Update Sun 14 June 2015 Jungle Queen #6
We are shooting on Stamford Greenfield's Hollywood sound stage where Greenfield is making a 1930's gangster thriller,
"Shotgun Lil". His main director and entourage are still missing, Del Smiths' plane mysteriously vanishing somewhere near the Bermuda triangle.
Story Thus Far..
When looking at the ladies of the golden days of Hollywood, their figures seem impossible to attain today. Jane Mansfield comes to mind,
and many others had their figures enhanced by squeezing their bodies into very tight corsets which were worn 24/7 otherwise
they wouldn't be able to fit into their wardrobes.
Figure hugging costumes, tailored to fit their ultra corseted figures shifted excess fat up to their chests so that a hot 36-24-36 inch
would become an incredible head turning 38-18-36 virtually overnight...
Folks, this is their story..
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