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Update ! SUN08 MARCH Jungle Queen #3

Update SUN08 MARCH Jungle Queen #3
The Hollywood entourage spend their first night in the natives camp on the lost island and Miss Curtis thanks the chief for
the strange meat cooked on the spit. Director film maker, Edgar Del Smith is eager to take advantage of the extra time on the
island to commence shooting his next Hollywood blockbuster. Loraine Curtis along with co-star, Mason Mannix pose on a rugged
clifftop overlooking the sea when Miss Curtis' assistant Kamahl calls out to Del Smith of the peril confronting the screen
goddess and her co-star has they are attacked by a prehistoric gorilla...

Hollywood Bombshell: Loraine Curtis
Leading man, drunkard: Mason Mannix
Director: Edgar del Smith
Loraine's assistant: Kamahl
Universe Studio Head: Stamford Greenfield
Assistant Studio Head: Amos Jerrold
Stamford's girl Friday: Adrianna Brigham ... le-Queen-3
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