Post Thu Jan 23, 2014 4:53 am

Halloween Sex Kitten #11 - January 23th update

Greetings everyone!

Here we’re again with a new weekly update of our HIPgals’ adventures. This time the update has not much peril and bondage (I’m sorry)… but it’s raw action and I’m sure you’ll like to see the Gallant Winner of our HIPgals’ contest in action… SCARLET LASS is HERE.

Madame Samedi has summoned tons of new undead minions to protect the catacombs’ gateway, imbued and empowered by her dark voodoo magic they must stop and seize the incoming reinforcements… but now that help is here we’ll see if they’re able to win the battle against SCARLET LASS!

CLICK HERE to see the comic update:

This is the first comic update that I’ve done with my new render engine (Octane), I’m pretty sure you will like the new quality standars I’ll be able to reach with this new tool. I’m optimizing some of the mats I use in my ongoing series on this new system and I’ll be working on it for my future ones as well.
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