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It's been a helluva wait but at last Holly Jarvis had finally passed her chemistry and physics degrees. With her newly acquired knowledge, Holly was able to build an amazing super suit, complete with taser powered stinger tail.
Also wings that pop out through side openings in the suit to allow her to glide down and attack from high city buildings. "I would wear a cape but I can't because my stinger would get in the way. That's why I incorporated these
wings, just like a real hornet "
"I've always been kinda athletic," said Holly in a local television interview. " I got top of the class for Physical education, being somewhat of an acrobatic somersault champion, " she said proudly.
"I want to stamp out crime gangs in my city of Metroplex. Heck, I've lived in this city all my life.. and my lifes goal is to rid my city of this evil element so people can once again walk the streets at night with safety.."
Part one:
'The case of the dance studio"
Holly goes on to say..
"OK. This is a dance studio right in the roughest, toughest part of town.. the broken down commercial zone.. cheap rent but one helluva nice studio room.. my old school friend, Rosemary, is just kicking off her business here and
dreams of turning her passion into a full time career..but the last thing she needs right now is to be hassled by some ex-mafia low lifes..."
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