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Member's update, 10-15-13 - The Desperation of Tabitha



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Member's update, 10-15-13 - The Desperation of Tabitha

After a great week off last week, we return with The Desperation Of Tabitha Willoughby Episode Four.

Tony has offered to take Tabitha and her new toy, Madison for a weekend away. Madison thinks it's some swingers getaway thing, but Tony slightly frightens her when he gets real dominant real quickly. We'll Tony in Madison hit it off? Will Tabitha's plan work? Will she get Tony back before he falls in love with Madison? The answer to these and many new questions begin to unfold in this newest and most exciting adventure of The Desperation Of Tabitha Willoughby, Episode Four.

Posting now for members.

http://www.hipbondage.com/members/galle ... Episode-04
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Re: Member's update, 10-15-13 - The Desperation of Tabitha

Very nice renders !

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