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Member's Update September 13th - Jules Bondage #1

Greetings bondage fans!

I was going to do a new Laurie's update for today but then I realized that it's Friday 13th so I'm changing the schedule to do a short rough bondage special with one of my old chars.

Valliant agent, with codename Juliette Bondage is after a ruthless psycopath who is kidnapping women in the Bay Area, investigating a clue Jules is in the Port Area in zone with lot of old warehouses when she has the feeling about she's getting closer to her target and... she's rigth, but the things are not going to do as she pretends!

CLICK HERE to see Jules Bondage Vs The Masked Death #1:

This is the first part, second one will be up next week... Enjoy it!

Have a Scary Friday 13th!
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